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    Are You Looking To Sell Your Motorhome, Campervan, or Caravan? 

    We are well aware of the many options offered to customers in the process of looking to sell their motorhome, campervan, or caravan. Here at Andrew James Motorhomes, we aim to make that process incredibly easy and straightforward.

    So what are the options available to me?

    Firstly as it has always been available, we can look to offer the customer an outright purchase option, this would typically be at the current estimated trade market value purchase price subject to inspection. This is a good option if you require a settlement payment immediately at the time of collection or delivery to our dealership here in East Sussex. 

    Sell with us

    Secondly, the most popular option offered to our customers would be a contract sale or return. 

    What does this involve and why would this benefit me over an outright straight purchase? 

    This sales process is ever growingly popular mainly down to the fact that our customers will have an above trade market return. In this simple process, we will discuss and agree on a return figure amount for our customers which will be drawn into the contract of sale agreement. We the dealership will base our return on the margin of what the customer is happy with and agrees to as their return contract amount. 

    There is no involvement by you the customer as we take care of the rest whether that be Finance, accessories installations, part exchanges, servicing, and more. Once the vehicle/caravan has been sold and the lucky new owner takes ownership the funds will on the day be released by the same-day fast transaction to you the original owner. It couldn’t be simpler.

    Benefits using Andrew James Motorhomes over selling privately or trading it in? 

    The advantage is that you will get a better price than by part-exchanging or outright purchase.

    We actively look for buyers and heavily market across all platforms available to us. We have a database of active customers looking for used motorhomes, campervans, and caravans like yours. You do not have potential buyers knocking on your door at home which has always been a concern to customers and sometimes hard to fit in around your own personal commitments. We control and take care of all parts of the sales process. We can offer finance if required. We supply all our vehicles/caravans with a market-leading warranty to give the new buyer security for the future. This makes it more attractive to a potential buyer than purchasing privately. We control and qualify the secure payment prior to the release of any vehicle/caravan.

    But what contract am I tied into? 

    You are not.

     We here at Andrew James Motorhomes do not tie any of our customers into a minimum contracts term agreement like other dealerships or online brokerage services, the contract is in place solely for you to authorise us to market and sell your motorhome on your behalf. Remember the vehicle or caravan will remain in your owner's name until the day of the collection once payment has been completed. There are no and will be No upfront costs to you. If you wish or need to at any point cancel our agreement and want to collect your motorhome, campervan, or caravan then you simply contact us to arrange this for when is convenient from our dealership here in East Sussex.  

    What if my motorhome requires work upfront for sale?

    On this rare occasion, this isn't a problem, we can take care of it. If any work is required for presentation for sale on our forecourt prior to sale, then this will be discussed and agreed upon with our customers. As an example, in the event of damage to the vehicle, this will be quoted by our body shop and full a quote will be supplied on inspection. 

    Do I need to drop the vehicle/caravan to the dealership for sale?

    No, we appreciate we all can be very busy at times with commitments, so we offer a free collection service to all our customers. 

    If you wish to visit us instead and bring your motorhome, campervan, or caravan to our exciting dealership to see its new temporary home then we will welcome you where you will be greeted with a friendly smiley face and a hot or cold drink of your choice. We have very good train line links from our local station here at Battle if the customer wishes to drop off and requires public transport to return home. We will of course supply a lift to the station as required. 

    Important information.

    All the motorhomes, campervans, and caravans left with us will be inspected on arrival, valeted and presented, and intensively marketed for sale. The motorhome, campervan, or caravan when in our possession will be covered under our insurance during the sales process. In a motorhome or campervan situation, the customer is more than welcome to sorn the vehicle when in our care if they wish to. All vehicles and caravans left in our care will be locked when unaccompanied and security is very important to us. Our site is not accessible after work hours and we have in place high security and advanced CCTV visual equipment, so rest assured our own and your procession is incredibly well cared for. 

    So what's the next step?

    Please fill in firstly your name and preferred contact details below. We ask for as much information as possible on the motorhome, campervan, or caravan as this will help us give you the best accurate valuation. 

    Some examples we ask for please are Vehicle/caravan Manufacture and model, vehicle chassis manufacture and manual or automatic (applies to motorhomes and campervans), Vehicle/caravan Age, Vehicle mileage, Tyre ages, Service history both mechanical and habitation, Condition external and internal, Accessories additions added. 

    Please use the message box supplied or please contact us at 01424 612787 and choose Option 1 to get through to one of our sales representatives.

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